Mommy favorites: the solid food edition


I guess it’s safe to say that Stella doesn’t like carrots

We started feeding Stella solid food as soon as she turned six months. It’s exciting to see her get a taste of something other than milk, and it’s a joy to discover what food she likes and doesn’t like. So far, she loves squash, pears, prunes, bananas, peas, sweet potato, and cauliflower. She doesn’t care for carrots and brocolli. I don’t too, so I can’t say I blame her. Here are some of the things that have made this feeding journey easier for us.

1. Whole + Natural Baby Food Book

This beautiful book is a comprehensive guide to feeding babies up to one year. The book, written by Filipino moms, uses local ingredients and gives a step by step guide to preparing solid food for babies. The book is filled with recipes and beautiful photos and it’s perfect reference book for first time moms like me. I suspect even non first time moms will find this useful for their own children. I’ve tried many of the recipes already and most of them has been a hit with Stella! I even tasted them myself and the food is delicious. As it’s independently published, this book isn’t out in the bookstores yet. Try emailing to purchase your own copy.

2. Munchkin suction bowls

The suction feature comes so handy when your baby is like mine, always grabbing things or knocking them over.

3. Chicco spoon
I’ve used other spoons before and this is my favorite. The spoon isn’t so hollow, unlike other spoons, which makes it easier for Stella to take the purees we give. It’s also made of silicon, which makes it soft on Stella’s gums. Love this and I’m so glad we switched to this.

4. OXO Storage container set
These are leak proof, watertight, and air tight and they have measurements to make portioning a breeze. We make Stella’s food in batches ( because who has time to cook baby food every single day?) and we store the food in these containers. We just pop them in the refrigerator and take them out for the next meal.

5. Ecomom sterilizer
I cannot rave about this sterilizer enough. It cleans all of Stella’s bottles, spoons, bowls, toys (even our cellphones!) and its drier feature saves us from the time consuming task of drying all her stuff one by one. Everything just feels so clean after a cycle in the Ecomom. We use it as storage too. I love multi purpose appliances!

6. Mamas and Papas baby bud booster seat
I was initially hesitant about getting a snug chair but this one has cast aside all my doubts. The chair feels safe when tied to a chair and though the fit is snug, Stella seems comfortable enough. It’s easy to clean, too. The removable activity tray that comes with it has also been a useful and most welcome distraction for Stella.

The Mix feeding Mommy: Or How I learned to stop feeling guilty and forgive myself for giving my child formula

I was determined to exclusively breastfeed Stella for at least 6 months. I read so many books and articles on breastfeeding, joined online breastfeeding support groups, watched countless youtube videos. I hired a lactation consultant to come to our house. I bought nipple creams, breast pads, nursing covers. I drank just about every single lactation supplement in the market. I have not one, but two, nursing pumps, one for the home, and a portable one for when I’m out and about. I approached breastfeeding with almost military precision. Pump every 2 hours, round the clock. I was determined to reach my goal. And I almost did.

Just two weeks shy of my goal, I fed Stella a bottle of formula. Just like that, I had failed my first parenting goal. There were many reasons, none of which seem relevant now. For a time I was convinced that failing this would mean failing other parenting goals as well: how to be polite, to be kind, to work hard, to have grit and tenacity. How to achieve one’s goals, for that matter. It was hard not to wallow in melodrama. My daughter was not going to be as smart as the other kids! She will have a lifetime of health issues that she wouldn’t have otherwise if only I’d exclusively breastfed her! The list was endless. Then there was the sense of guilty and betrayal, too. I felt betrayed by my own body. My body, who had carried and sustained this child for nine months, just couldn’t nourish her as she deserved to be nourished. I resented it and I resented resenting it.

It took one mom in one of my online mommy support groups to make me feel that I finally had permission to cut myself some slack. I was telling this mom, a woman I happen to admire, about my various breastfeeding problems. She said ‘I started feeding my baby formula weeks ago. I’m not going to kill myself just to breastfeed.’

It was as if a lightbulb had switched on in my head. “Yes!” I said. “Sometimes I just wanna say, f**k this s**t!” We both laughed, me somewhat bitterly. She was absolutely right though. While I have absolutely no regrets, there just came a point when you say, I can’t do this sh*t no more. Why it took a fearless, unapologetic mom to make me feel like I too, can quit apologizing for my failure and learn to just do what needs to be done, god only knows.

I didn’t give up immediately, but I did stop getting up in the middle of the night for pumping sessions. I spent time with my daughter as soon as I got home instead of pumping. I stopped wanting to kick myself whenever I forgot to store my “liquid gold” properly. I Most importantly, I let go of the guilt. I suppose if I had just applied myself more, pushed myself harder, perhaps I would have made it to my goal. Or perhaps not. I would never know now. When the time came for me to surrender and admit defeat, the one consuelo I told myself is that there is so much more to parenting than breastfeeding. It stung, but if I let guilt consume me, I’d only be setting myself up to fail at other things.

I still think breastfeeding is the best option for babies. Stella will be 7 months in a few days and I still continue to breastfeed her, albeit I now also mix feed with formula. But I have forgiven myself for using formula and I wish all moms who feel guilt about using formula do, too.

Stella’s 6th month


In three days, Stella will turn 7 months so this is a somewhat late post.

(It’s actually a very late post but I’m determined to post her monthly photos for posterity’s sake. And also because I think my daughter is becoming cuter as the months pass. Lol.)

Where to buy children’s books on Instagram

FullSizeRender (4) (Small)

I’m only just now beginning to see the joy in reading and collecting children’s books. There is so much artistry that goes into making a really good children’s book that I never quite appreciated before, from the carefully crafted words to the matching illustrations. Kids are a really discerning audience. How do you make something engaging and still make it relatable to a preschooler? How do you even captivate the imagination of a 3 year old when most of them can’t stay still long enough to have their pajamas put on?

I’ve managed to get a hold of some really nice books for Stella. Some I’ve bought in bookstores, some are gifts, and some I’ve bought online from Instagram sellers.

Here are some of the book sellers on Instagram that I follow. They have a nice, well-curated selection of children’s books that I always check out.

1. Sunnypages
FullSizeRender (7) (Small)

2. Ben.and.lily.
FullSizeRender (6) (Small)

3. Beluga Dreams
FullSizeRender (8) (Small)