Where to buy children’s books on Instagram

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I’m only just now beginning to see the joy in reading and collecting children’s books. There is so much artistry that goes into making a really good children’s book that I never quite appreciated before, from the carefully crafted words to the matching illustrations. Kids are a really discerning audience. How do you make something engaging and still make it relatable to a preschooler? How do you even captivate the imagination of a 3 year old when most of them can’t stay still long enough to have their pajamas put on?

I’ve managed to get a hold of some really nice books for Stella. Some I’ve bought in bookstores, some are gifts, and some I’ve bought online from Instagram sellers.

Here are some of the book sellers on Instagram that I follow. They have a nice, well-curated selection of children’s books that I always check out.

1. Sunnypages
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2. Ben.and.lily.
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3. Beluga Dreams
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Sleep training update

After weeks of sleep training, which includes increasing her milk intake, experimenting with different bed times and bed time routines, I think it’s safe to say that my sleep training has been an utter disaster. Lol. I have come to just accept that my dearest, darlingest daughter just won’t sleep through the night yet. She will when she’s ready and I just have to accept it. She’s a very happy baby during the day, anyway, and is rarely ever fussy. Her awful sleeping habits are just a quirk. She still reaches for me at night, with her eyes closed. It’s cute and sweet and I console myself with the fact that the time will come when she will no longer reach for me.

It works, sometimes. Other times I want to tear my hair out.

Ah, motherhood.