Stella’s baptism

I was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household and before we got married, I told Jaime one of my non negotiables was that I wanted to raise a Roman Catholic family. Growing up, my family always followed the traditions: mass on Sundays, Visita Iglesia on Holy Week, fasting on Good Friday, watching the Ten Commandments during Lent( Incidentally my dad also made us watch El-Cid and Ben Hur during lent, movies that had absolutely nothing to do with Lent, but apparently for my dad, bless his heart, any movie that starred Charlton Heston in sandals, parading about in chariots, pretty much made for Lenten movie fare.)

Anyway, I digress. I would like to think that my faith, as well as my husband’s, is an integral part of our lives, and it was, is, my fervent hope that the same will be for our daughter, and all our children, should we be blessed with more. More than just being an excuse for a get together with family and friends, and more than just fulfilling some family tradition, Stella’s baptism was a happy occasion because not only does she now get to share our faith, we her parents are also able to offer her to the Lord, for His guidance, love, and protection.

Welcome to the Christian world, my darling star.

DSC_9497 (Small)
DSC_9521 (Small)
DSC_9525 (Small)
DSC_9553 (Small)
DSC_9558 (Small)
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DSC_9956 (Small)

Love love love this beautiful cake by the talented Tazzy Cakes!

DSC_10000 (22) (Small)

Catering by Passion Cooks. The food and service were superb.

IMG_4246 (Small)

Passion Cooks also made the beautiful backdrop. I wanted a “little bird” theme for Stella’s baptism and they were able to execute it perfectly.

DSC_9984 (Small)
DSC_9994 (Small)
DSC_10000 (10) (Small)

DSC_10000 (46) (Small)
DSC_10000 (77) (Small)
DSC_10000 (88) (Small)

DSC_10000 (130) (Small)
DSC_10000 (136) (Small)

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