When I was young, we lived in a house with a big altar facing the top of the stairs, so when you went up, the first thing that greets you is this massive altar with large, looming statues with eyes that seemed to follow you everywhere. Now that I have my own home, with my husband, I wanted a space for a simple, uncluttered altar. After all, we can make space for books, make up, televisions and gadgets, so why not carve a space that reflects our faith? So, with the little space that we have in our tiny apartment, I made my side table my little prayer corner. If there is one thing in our tiny apartment that remains, shall we say, immaculate, it is our altar.

Altar inspirations I found on the world wide web.

Altar inspirations I found on the world wide web.

It houses my book “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything,” a figure of Mother Mary, St. Patrick (the patron saint of Ireland, a place that is dear to my husband and me), an angel from Montserrat, which my mom gave to me as a reminder of our vacation in Spain, a framed photo of the Sacred heart of Jesus, a candle and pretty flowers that hopefully will not die soon.  On top of the book is my rosary, placed on our wedding ring holder that says “I have found the one whom my soul loves” from Song of Solomon 3:4. Also on top of the book is a figure of the Sleeping St. Joseph. The story says if you write a prayer or a wish and put it under the figure, St. Joseph will “dream about it” and interecede on your behalf and make your wish come true.

Our own altar. Pwede na diba?

Maybe I’ll put in a little lace tablecloth, and add a real Bible, but for now pwede na diba?

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