Gourmand Market

When we were in London for our honeymoon, Jaime and I wanted to check out their famous Borough Market, but we never got the chance to. So when I heard that the 3rd run of the Gourmand Market, which was supposedly inspired by London’s Borough Market, was going to be held in BGC on the same weekend we were in town, we figured, why not?! So off we went.

The place looked something out of a Pinterest dream board. Chic, stylized food booths, cutesy little handpainted wooden signs, picnic tables, chalkboard menus, all that stuff.


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We spent the days of our weekend gorging on glorious food. Here are our favorites for future reference (Left to Right)

HHome by Good Earth Asado Pork Floss – asado siopao with sesame dressing and pork floss on top

Phatboy’s Ice Cream Sandwich – I got the mint ice cream, sandwiched by giant Chocolate Chip cookie on one side, and a dark chocolate chip cookie on the other. Topped with m&ms and chocolate chips. Heaven.

Gourmet Garage’s Crackling Bagnet wrap – wasn’t able to take a photo of the actual wrap, but it looks and tastes as good as that bagnet right over there.

El Jefe’s tortilla chips, with cheese dip, and salsa and everything good in life on it.

Gourmet Corner’s lamb curry – my husband is a fan of lamb, and curry, so unsurprisingly he went straight for this first..

Not in the photos are: Gourmet Corner’s mushroom truffle cannelloni, which to me was the star of our entire Gourmand Market experience, and Empanada Mas original chicken, original pork, and chorizo empanadas, bite sized goodies cooked to perfection.


We also tried their drinks. My absolute favorite was Stellina’s Lemonade. Guzzled their old fashioned lemonade and cranberry lemonade the whole weekend. Super refreshing, with just the right mix of sweetness and tanginess, and for only 40 bucks for a 400mL bottle, not bad at all! Jaime tried the Standford & Shaw old fashioned ginger ale.


We loved Gourmand Market so much we took home Delimondo’s Corned Beef and sausage, and Chorizo Cebu’s chorizo longganisa. Breakfast for the entire week is solved!

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We asked ourselves what we would serve if we had been part of it. Jaime would whip up curries, wrapped in pita bread, and I would probably just serve taho, in different varieties. It rained a lot during the weekend, and good old fashioned taho would have been a nice distraction.

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